Personal Phone Call with Kirk

This is why I love talking to Kirk. Everyone else tells us the same thing–be consistent, follow through. Duh! We’ve done all those things. Kirk listens and asks really good questions. He helps us see our son and out situation clearly, in a completely different way. And then gives us an action plan with concrete strategies that really work. It’s a very refreshing approach.”
~ Janet and Paul H., Vienna VA

I am a single Mom at my wits’ end. Kirk listened patiently and then helped me brainstorm five really creative ways to build my daughter’s confidence, motivate her, and change her school experience. He made me feel confident to make changes and it really works. He gives you answers you won’t find anywhere else. 
~ Catherine J., Chicago,

Kirk has only three slots open for phone consultations this month.

Personal message from Kirk:
I can cut through all the confusion and get to the root of the issues you struggle with very quickly. We can accomplish in one session what normal counselors will take 5-10 sessions to cover. I will give you my honest, straight to the point, practical advice that you can put into practice immediately. That’s why I charge $250 per session–because it’s worth it! 

Want to break out of that negative cycle you are in, constantly giving consequences that don’t work? We will turn your situation around with specific, concrete strategies. Whether it’s at school or home, Kirk will address your questions with specific, concrete strategies that get to the root of the issue…when typical consequences simply don’t work. And you’ll benefit from the wisdom of the country’s most in-demand parenting speaker.

Kirk will address the following and more: focus and attention, motivation, meltdowns, tantrums, executive function, ADHD, ASD, anxiety issues, lack of self-control, not following directions, lying/stealing, defiance, disrespect, homework, homeschooling, bedtime or eating issues. No matter your situation–single parent, both spouses work, one spouse travels all week, divorced and remarried, stay-at-home or work at an office Mom–Kirk will customize his strategies for you.

“You gave us so much more than we could have expected. I can actually do this game plan!”
~ David and Joanna R., Riverside, CA

Kirk has four slots open in January and February. Kirk values his time and yours so he will call you at precisely the appointed time–be ready with a notepad and make full use of his wisdom for the next 70 minutes.

Here’s how it works:
– Once you have registered, we will send you an email asking you to choose the time most convenient for you.

– We will also ask you to reply with a short summary of your family dynamics so Kirk knows how many children you have and what your main struggles are even before the phone call begins.

Ready to make lasting changes in your home and classroom? Schedule your time to talk directly to Kirk below.