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“Attending the four weeks of Calm Parenting University at my church literally saved our marriage and family. Thank you!”


Join over 1,700 churches who have hosted Calm Parenting University.
Practical. Funny. Biblical. Life-Changing.

Your church may have hosted a popular financial DVD program that helps families get out of debt. Parents feel hopeless and families are tearing apart at the seems. Now it’s time for your church or small group to 
help parents of strong-willed kids to stop the defiance, yelling, and power struggles.

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Calm Parenting University is transforming relationships between parents and children. Husbands and wives are getting on the same page for the first time. Single parents are finding the caring support they need. And every parent walks away with 40 concrete strategies to help even the most strong-willed children be successful.

4 DVDs + 40 Strategies + Group Discussion = Changed Family. 

Picture a group of parents who are at their wit’s end with their strong-willed kids, tired of all the power struggles, feeling as though they’ve failed as parents. Picture of a group of these parents getting together once a week for 2 hours to watch a dynamic, laugh-out-loud funny parenting DVD program. After watching the DVD, imagine parents being able to share their struggles and successes in a judgement free place.

It’s a READY-MADE PROGRAM called Calm Parenting University that includes the following:
– Rights to host an unlimited number of classes for years to come.
– 4 DVDs (one-hour each).
– Easy-to-use Leader Guide with Discussion Questions.
– Sermon Notes with Scriptural support.
– We provide ALL of the customized promotional materials.
– We handle all registrations and make it easy for you.

Call Casey at 888.506.1871 or email to learn more and schedule your first class. Struggling parents will thank you.