You CAN stop the power struggles now.

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You have a strong-willed child who is very bright, but not academically motivated. He’d rather argue and lose everything he owns than simply do what you ask. He doesn’t care about consequences so there are power struggles over everything. You are tired of yelling.

TAKE THIS QUIZ. Does your child:
(1) Push your buttons and argue like an attorney?
(2) Create power struggles over EVERYTHING?!
(3) Melt down over little changes, disappointments, and transitions?
(4) Control others, act bossy, and enforce “fairness?”
(5) Struggle with being disorganized, forgetful, and impulsive?
(6) Relate well to adults, younger children and animals, but struggle with peers?
(7) Appear unmotivated and underperform academically?

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Watch this short video. Does this describe your home?


Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin is one of the most in-demand experts on strong-willed children/children with special needs in the world. Over one thousand school districts, churches, foster care agencies, and multinational corporations have flown Kirk across the globe because  their parents  leave raving about his insight.

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Kirk has given over 600,000 parents and teachers in 19 countries very specific, practical strategies to stop the yelling, defiance, and power struggles. Simply put, he understands you and your child like no one else because for over a decade, he and his family invited over 1,500 of these kids right into their home.

Strong-willed children don’t care about your consequences, yelling, or threats. What they need most is a parent who is CONFIDENT. A parent who knows exactly what to say and do in the toughest situations. So sign up for our FREE newsletter, read our FREE blogs, listen to our FREE podcasts, and participate on our FREE Facebook page.


10 Secret Phrases to Calm Any Situation

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“When I opened that bag, I felt like I wasn’t alone. Like someone understood me. Listening to your CDs validates me and makes me feel like a good Mom. That’s priceless.”

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“Kirk, our teachers loved you. No one has ever given them so many practical interventions that actually work in today’s classrooms. Plus you made them laugh. Best money we have ever spent on training.”


“When I use the words you give me, it changes situations immediately. I have not yelled or lectured for three weeks now. My kids said they like the new Mom better!”



“It would take years of counseling to get all of the ideas, insights, and step-by-step instructions you give us in your program. We have a new family because of this Bag of CDs.”