“Your products are expensive.”

I know. I know it’s tough for families who are struggling paycheck to paycheck. For single Moms. For homeschooling families living on one paycheck. For military families, social workers, even for executives who have kids in private school.

I know it’s discouraging when you read our newsletters, listen to our podcasts, and say, “This guy gets it. He can help us.” And then you see it’s going to cost you $197.

You wrestle with that. You ask your husband. He’s skeptical because he’s a man. “It doesn’t cost you that much to produce these CDs.”

I know. It doesn’t. But you have no idea how much it cost our family to get this knowledge and these strategies. We’re talking years and years of opening up our home to hundreds of kids. Years of traveling and speaking to hundreds of thousands of parents like you.

Our products are priced at a premium for a reason. Why?

(1) Because they are worth it. No one understands your kids like we do. No one.

(2) No one else has such practical, concrete strategies that work in everyday life situations. This isn’t just theory. This works with the toughest kids.

(3) It would take you dozens of appointments with a therapist to get you the knowledge, insight, and strategies we provide—all for $197.

(4) You pay this amount to plumbers, mechanics, and electricians routinely to fix your stuff. We help you fix your relationships with your children. I want you to prioritize this.

(5) You pay this for electronics, testing, cell phones, and other things you value in your life.

(6) I want you to value these resources. I want you to invest. Your money. Your time. Your emotional and mental commitment. Because when you commit to changing yourself, you will change your family very quickly.

(7) Because we help everyone who asks for help. I love assertive people who say, “You’ve described my home and child. I need your help. Here’s my budget.” I promise that if you humble yourself and contact us, we will help you. But YOU have to email or make that call to us. 888-506-1871. Emily@CelebrateCalm.com.

(8) In the midst of the next power struggle when you find yourself yelling or see your child crying, how much would it be worth to change this situation? To stop the power struggles in the morning, after school, during homework time, at dinner and bedtime?

So, yes, this bag is $197. All I know is that over 400,000 families have said they have no regrets investing. You will never feel alone again in this struggle. And you’ll know exactly what to say and do in the toughest situations.



Again, if you need help, reach out to us. We don’t bite.
888-506-1871. Emily@CelebrateCalm.com.