NEW PODCAST! Get Your Kids to Make Good Choices: Two Practical Ideas You Can Use Tonight
Your kids are impulsive and make bad choices. Then they get in trouble and you end up fighting. It’s exhausting. How can you get your kids to own their choices and be responsible for themselves? Kirk gives you two very powerful and concrete strategies from Calm Parenting University in this short podcast. You can use the Choice Ball and Bonfire examples tonight—men will love the Bonfire approach! Listen directly below:

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Kirk delivers the same practical, concrete strategies he has taught 500,000 parents with toddlers, tweens and teens to stop the meltdowns, defiance, yelling, lying, anger,  and the most challenging behaviors you face. Plus you get a Workbook with helpful discussion questions to apply the strategies directly to your family.

Watch the videos below for a preview of the DVDs.

Watch four DVDs packed with 40 practical, concrete strategies and answers to your toughest questions. Watch, go through the helpful Workbook, and enjoy a family discussion together with your kids or just with your spouse. You will learn exactly how to:

  • Get your kids to listen the first time.
  • Stop defiance, disrespect, meltdowns, and yelling.
  • Stop whining, tantrums and sibling fights.
  • Get kids off video games/screens without a fight.
  • Improve focus, organization, social skills and confidence.
  • Stop the power struggles over homework, chores, morning routine, and more.

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 Calm Parenting University Home Edition (4 DVDs, 4 hours + Workbook)cpu-dvds-workbook-picture

  • Improve focus, attention, impulse control, organization, social skills, and more.
  • Improve grades, homework time, writing skills, behavior issues at school.
  • Build your child’s confidence without crushing his spirit.


You Receive:

  1. Comprehensive Color Workbook filled with detailed notes, extensive Q&A, Discussion Guide, Scriptural support, Action steps and Bonus tips. It’s a one-stop guide to answer all your parenting questions.
  2. (4) 1-hour DVD sessions. Each week, you will learn 10 new strategies that work with even the most strong-willed kids of any age. The videos are practical, laugh-out-loud funny, and life-changing.
  3. (4) 1-hour Recommended Discussion sessions. There is nothing more powerful than feeling understood and being encouraged by your spouse and family. THIS is building closer bonds in families and is meant to encourage meaningful discussions.
  4. Instant Audio Download of each DVD session. You can listen over and over to each session on your computer, iPad or iPhone.