Your kids are different. Sometimes odd. So rather than destroy their confidence and spirit, let’s use creative ideas to improve focus and behavior.

“Kirk, I took your challenge and told my two boys (8, 10) that I am no longer responsible for their homework. I don’t care how or where you do it. Just get it done. I told them you said it would be okay to do homework in really weird ways. They were intrigued so they listened to the ADHD University CDs.

My boys now read lying upside down off the sofa, get quizzed while spinning or jumping on the trampoline, do worksheets listening to (obnoxious!) music. My younger son says he thinks best when zipped in a sleeping bag or when I sit on top of him while he’s under the sofa cushions. Sensory issues, for sure!

But the point is THEY are coming up with fun ways to learn. This week, they want to do homework Pirate Style. Saying ARRGHHH is a lot better than UGH! Thanks and keep the ideas coming–they are weird, but they work!”
~ Alicia H., Atlanta, GA

Are you ready to finally turn over responsibility for homework to your kids? Stop the endless frustration, day after day. School and homework don’t have to be so hard and cause so many tears.

Click here to learn more about the ADHD University program. Your kids don’t have to be diagnosed for this to help. 100 great strategies to improve focus, organization, social skills, homework, sensory issues, and much more.

Your kids are frustrated and sometimes feel like failures. We’ve been there. More consequences will only make things worse. You hope things will get better, but they won’t unless you understand why your kids are struggling and have tools that actually work. So learn 100 new tools to prevent your child’s spirit from being crushed.