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Discipline When Consequences Don’t Work
How do you discipline a child who doesn’t respond to consequences? Who doesn’t ever want to do things the way you want? How can you discipline without making your child feel like a failure? Kirk will show you how to handle misbehavior, blurting out, lying, stealing, screen time, and much more! Email or call 888-506-1871 to get practical help and our free newsletter.

When Kids Are Defiant: Teaching Without Escalating
So what do you do when your child just flat out refuses to do what you ask? How can you teach your kids without lecturing, yelling, or escalating situations? Learn very practical steps through Kirk’s infamous “Rake Leaves” example with his son, Casey.

Calming Anxious, Defiant Children
How can you calm an upset, anxious child who is freaking out? Is your child being defiant or anxious? Kirk shows you exactly how to turn a nasty power struggle into an opportunity to build confidence and trust.

Controversial: Kid Flips Off His Dad
What do you do when your kids say awful things to you? Does being calm mean you let them get away with it? No! In this example, Kirk shows you how to turn a highly charged confrontation into a bonding experience. It’s powerful and practical.

Teachers: Behavior Issues in Class? 10 Ideas.
You have a child or student who struggles with behavior, impulse control, social skills, following directions, anxiety, and/or sensory issues. How can you handle all of these issues and build a child’s confidence at the same time? Learn practical ways to improve concentration, impulse control, social skills, and more. Share this with your child’s teachers.

Secret Discipline Tool: Men, Moms & Marriage
Using this secret weapon will change your child’s behavior more quickly than you can imagine. And it has absolutely nothing to do with your kids. Learn 10 very practical (and funny) tips that every man (and woman) can use TODAY to strengthen even a struggling marriage—and calm their kids.

Teachers: Sensory, Social Skills & Transitions in Class
Kirk provides two practical, concrete classroom examples to help kids who struggle with social skills, executive function, sensory issues, transitions, and more. This fifteen minute podcast is filled with tools to help struggling students succeed and build confidence without crushing their spirits. Forward to teachers and use the principles at home. Email with the word REPTILE in the subject line or call 888-506-1871 to book Kirk at your school/church or get help with our resources.

Kids Interrupting? Entitled? Need Some Space?
How do you get your kids to stop interrupting you and acting like they are your peers? How do you handle that teenager who’s become entitled? Kirk’s blunt answers may surprise you (and make you laugh). Learn how to create healthy boundaries in your home.

Motivate Kids Who Don’t Fit In?
How do you motivate kids who are bright, but not academically motivated? Bribes and consequences never work. So Kirk shares 7 real life stories applying his three-step process for sparking a child’s internal motivation. This is an emotional podcast because we don’t want to crush these kids’ spirits. To learn more about the innovative Camps Kirk references, visit

Help With ADHD—Angry Kirk!
It’s hard parenting a child with symptoms of ADHD, especially when society judges and says there’s something wrong with your kids. Kirk got a little angry, but used that to give you practical tools to build your child’s confidence. Get more help at

Intense Kids: 2 Ways to Calm & Build Confidence
Stumped how to calm an upset child? Kirk shows you how to use your own intensity to calm really upset kids and build their confidence. You can use these two strategies today!

Morning Madness: 10 Ways to Get Kids Up Without Fights
Tired of morning routine battles? Kirk provides 10 practical, concrete (and even very funny!) strategies to get kids off to school without the yelling and fights. You can try these tomorrow morning

Change Your Kids By Changing Yourself First: An Emotional Story
Your child can’t deal with changes and disappointment. Or he screams and says inappropriate things. Situations escalate. In this emotional story, Kirk tells you how to lead an upset child to calm and build trust by controlling yourself instead of the child.

Get Your Kids to Make Good Choices: Choice Ball & Bonfire
Your kids are impulsive and make bad choices. How can you get your kids to ow n their choices and be responsible for themselves? Kirk gives you two very powerful and concrete strategies in this short podcast. You can use the Choice Ball and Bonfire examples tonight—men will love the Bonfire approach!  Want to learn more about Calm Parenting University that Kirk mentioned? Visit to get 40 strategies like these.

MEN: 5 Quick, Practical Tips to Get the Respect You Want
Wives, tell your husbands, “All I want for my birthday is for you to take 15 minutes to listen to this.” It’s a great gift. Guys, you want respect. Here are 5 ways to get it very quickly. Learn how to calm upset kids, motivate kids in positive ways, de-escalate situations, and stop yelling. Plus learn one phrase your wife will love!

Get Kids Off Screens: The Real Secret

Is technology pitting you against your kids with endless power struggles over video games, TV, cell phones and social media? Do you feel pressure to give your toddler an iPad already? Would you child play Minecraft all day if allowed? Are you afraid your child’s imagination, creativity, and social skills are being stunted by reliance on technology? Are your teens pulling away, afraid they will miss out if they are not online 24/7? What do you do when your kids are required to use a tablet for homework, but get distracted?
Listen to this podcast to learn how to get your kids off screens without a battle.  Want more insight that will change your family? Get this popular product (Reg. $97) for only $29 at this link:

New! Positive Parenting Strategies: How to Build Confidence.

Child struggling with confidence or behavior in school? In this podcast with ADDitude Magazine, Kirk shares exactly how to improve attention, impulse control; why kids are bossy or have meltdowns; how to replace the negativity and build confidence. We received almost a thousand emails after this so it struck a chord. It’s well worth your time.

Click here to listen to this podcast.

New! 10 Ways to Stop Meltdowns & Arguing.

I LOVE this podcast. Learn 10 very specific phrases to calm kids, stop the arguing, handle confrontations with teenagers, and get kids to apologize without forcing them to. (Even if you are not a person of faith, you will find this very, very helpful. So push through and you’ll walk away understanding your kids in deep ways.)

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Controversial topics: video games, attitude and anxiety.

Today we waded into controversy and I LOVED it! Shouldn’t my kids just obey? Problem-solving instead of punishing. How to get kids off video games. Teens with attitudes. Social skills. Homeschooling issues. Anxiety in little kids. Motivating kids to clean. Fights over clothes.

How to Stop Yelling & Get Your Kids To Be Responsible

Tired of feeling like you have to lecture, yell, and micromanage your kids? Want your kids to be responsible for their own behavior? Want to enjoy your kids again? Listen to this podcast and break old habits.

Meltdowns, Nutrition, Screens, Bedtime

When people judge you; 6-yr-old hitting and screaming; 10-yr-old meltdowns; medication and nutrition; disrespecting teachers; bullying teenager; earlier bedtime, quicker homework, less screen time; kids cranky after school.

A Different Way to Discipline.

What do you do when consequences don’t work and kids feel like “bad” kids? Change behavior without crushing your child’s spirit. Listen to this 24-minute podcast filled with fresh, radically different discipline ideas.

Quick Discipline Tool – Actions, Not Words

In six minutes, I will share with you a very effective discipline tool that will get your kids’ attention…without having to yell, beg, or negotiate.

Lying & Stealing

What do you do when you can’t get your kids to stop doing something wrong? How do you discipline AND build your child’s confidence at the same time?

Defiance. Back Talk. Eye Rolling. Those big sighs that make your head spin!

What do you do when your kids resist, talk back, or are defiant?

Want practical strategies to survive the summer?

Summer can be tough. Bored kids. Ungrateful kids. Fighting siblings. Vacations that aren’t a vacation for YOU because you do EVERYTHING and never get to relax. Tired of feeling like you have to lecture, yell, and micromanage your kids? Want to learn how to get your kids to be responsible for their own behavior? Listen to this podcast and break those old habits for good.

Stop Power Struggles & Sibling Fights

How do you get dawdling kids to move and respect your time? Want a completely different way to handle sibling fights? Why should you crush those tea cups under your SUV? How can you get kids over their anxiety to try new activities? How can you help kids addicted to video games? What do you do if you’ve had an “emotional affair” with another person? Tune in for practical answers! 10 topics in 30 minutes.

Discipline, Picky Eaters & Bossy Kids

10 Great Questions. What to do when in-laws discipline your kids; the purpose of discipline (may surprise you!); how to get kids to rise to do their best; picky eaters (mac and cheese/chicken nuggets anyone?!); teenage girls and cell phones; bossy kids who correct others incorrectly; getting kids engaged in sports; how do you get other people to understand your child?; why many marriages stink.

Stop Defiance & Power Struggles

Something cool happened on this Radio Show today. I went in a direction I hadn’t planned and it was very emotional. It was one of the most important lessons I have ever recorded. Listen. It is worth your time. (We also covered what to do when kids get unruly in the car. For those who think we’re softies with discipline, I love bringing the hammer down…just calmly!)

Dads, Siblings, Anxiety, Toddlers

Lots of focus on Dads today. I shared how my wife and son had to manage my emotions and how I changed; what to do when a husband is verbally abusive or competes with kids; tools for kids who are sensitive to the noise of irritating siblings; kids keeping hands to themselves; consequences; how to help pre-schoolers; school anxiety. Listen in—it’s worth your time!

Medicine, Middle School, Social Skills

Why don’t my kids listen until I yell? Kids who carry little things in pockets; the Grandma who deserves a time-out; lessons from the Ghetto Burger; middle school boy being destructive; is medication essential? Why I think a hubby who just gives time-outs is lazy; girl wants to wear leopard print pants with striped shirt; Social skills and sensory issues.

Meltdowns, Nutrition, Screens, Bedtime

When people judge you; 6-yr-old hitting and screaming; 10-yr-old having meltdowns; medication and nutrition issues; disrespect toward teachers; need for a psychologist; teen girl dealing with bullying; how to get kids to bed earlier; homework takes forever; managing screen time; cool solution for kids cranky after school; the power of focused intensity.

Controversial topics

Today we waded into controversy and I LOVED it! Shouldn’t my kids just obey when I tell them? Do we have double standards? How can we problem-solve instead of punishing so much? How to get teens off video games. Who defines our kids? Teens with attitudes. Social skills. Homeschooling issues. Anxiety in little kids. Motivating kids to clean up. Fights over clothes.

How to calm kids and yourself.

Kirk appeared with Heather MacFadyen of God-Centered MOM. You don’t have to be a person of faith to get something out of this. It’s a great introduction to the principles we teach with some excellent examples to bring calm to your home. The reason I respect Heather so much is that she’s brutally honest about herself. You will love this!

Kirk shows you one way to calm an upset child in this short video.

Want to learn how to get your kids to listen the first time? This is just one example.

Casey Martin shares a powerful message for parents and kids. Tell your kids this.

Here are three quick tips every teacher can use. Want Kirk to train your teachers? Call or email us.