Soccer Field Meltdown: This Dad Did A Weird Thing & It Worked

It’s Saturday morning and dozens of parents crowd the soccer field, cradling cups of coffee and cheering their kids on. I’m standing next to my tough Italian friend, Lou, watching his very emotional son (10) race all over the field.

Lou says, “He gets so upset when things don’t go his way.” Hmmmm. Interesting. I wonder where he gets that from.

I was hoping we’d get to experience an embarrassing meltdown in front of everyone! And sure enough, it didn’t take long. I watch as his son begins to thrash about on the field as his team is losing. I also watch as Lou begins to twitch, stand with hands-on-hips, and his tone switches from encouragement to admonition. His tone is getting short. You can see the tension building.

I knew what was going to happen so I couldn’t wait! “Hey, Lou, wanna try something different today?”

“No, the kid needs to learn to control himself.” Huh. So I reply, “Yeah, but you can’t even control yourself, my friend.” He shoots me an annoyed look.

“Save your calm crap for someone else,” he snorts. Inside I smile, because I love guys like Lou. Because I WAS Lou for years at the hockey rink with my son

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“So here’s what’s going to happen, Lou. You’re getting embarrassed now, which is your own immaturity. You’re going to demand your son come over here. You’ll grab his arm and ream him out so the other parents see you doing something. And it will only escalate until you both are spiraling out of control and look foolish in front of everyone. Worse, you’ll say some really hurtful things to the son you love.” I let it sink in and see him shift uncomfortably.

“That is, unless you’re willing to try the Calm Crap way.” He’s wrestling with it. Because he’s a man and has reacted the same way for 40 years. “So when your son comes over with his bad attitude, you’re going to hit the ground, start doing pushups and say, ‘Man, I’d be frustrated out there, too. Come on, wanna do 10 with me?’

“And you’re going to lead your son to a calm place and show him HOW to calm himself down. Motion changes emotion. And when he joins you, you’re going to say with some intensity, ‘That’s how we get back control, son. Can’t let the other team see you sweat. Good job! Now get back in there, hold your head high, and let’s play like Luke Skywalker with the Force behind you!'”

Lou shook his head. But then he did it. And you should have seen his son’s face–his father was proud of him, not disappointed and threatening him. Every time his son would slink around, Lou would hit the ground and do pushups. And one during a timeout, his son actually did the same, right on the field.

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Lou laughed and gave me a hug. “Thanks, man. I guess I need to change some, huh?”

“Just a little. By the way, I know you’re thinking doing pushups is stupid. But yelling at your son and calling him names makes you look even more foolish!”

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