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Enjoy Your Strong-Willed Child:
10 Secrets to Stop The Power Struggles

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What do you do when your kids are defiant or disobey? You can’t let strong-willed kids walk all over you. But also realize that even the toughest discipline should always lead to a closer relationship. Here’s just one example of how to do that.

Enjoy Your Strong-Willed Child CD 2 Track 04:


Personal Note: This brand new CD set is the culmination of 15 years of working with over 1,500 strong-willed children in our home. I consider the insight here to be groundbreaking and life-changing. You’ll never see this child the same way again. And you’ll learn to enjoy even the most difficult child.

Learn how to motivate your child without crushing his spirit. For years now, you’ve assumed you had an obstinate, defiant, strong-willed child who makes everything difficult. He’s a bright child who never does things the way you want them done and doesn’t care about consequences.

But what if you discovered that your child feels tremendous frustration and shame? What if you had tools to build his confidence so he felt good about himself? What if you could enjoy this child again?

Do you have the courage to change your approach and try a different way to communicate with this child? Because if you do, you can form a deep connection with this child—and learn to discipline, motivate, and calm him without the stress.

Listen to these clips for a sample of what you’ll hear on the new CDs.
CD 2 Track 04: You can’t let strong-willed kids walk all over you. But tough discipline should always lead to a closer relationship. Listen how to do this even when your child is defiant.

CD 2 Track 05: This is a little shocking and aggressive. I cry every time I listen to it. Because I believe it is profoundly true and necessary. But it will take guts.

If you understand what motivates your strong-willed child, he can be wildly successful.
We spent thousands of dollars on testing and counseling for our son when he was younger and didn’t learn anything. So do I think this is worth $97? Heck yes.

Kirk gives you specific, concrete strategies to get your child to:

  • Be responsible for himself and make good choices.
  • Listen without the battles and power struggles.
  • Do his homework, chores, and daily routine without a fight.
  • Calm down when frustrated or upset.

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That way, you can understand your child like never before AND finally stop the yelling, lecturing, and reacting.

This is the same exact process Kirk used to change and become the Calm Guy. He provides 30 specific, concrete strategies to:

  • Stop the lecturing and yelling for good to create a new family tree.
  • Stop reacting when your kids, spouse, and friends push your buttons so you are in control of yourself.
  • Break the old patterns that cause you to worry about your kids’ future and feel like you’re not a good enough parent.
  • Get control of your time instead of feeling rushed, on edge and anxious. No more drama. No more anxiety.
  • Deal with daily pressures of morning rush, traffic, homework, bossy parents, social media, over-scheduling your kids, and more.

You will learn how to control yourself…instead of controlling everyone else. Finally. Includes a downloadable Workbook and 30 action steps (one per day) to break these negative patterns one at a time.

You’ve struggled with this for years. It took me 22 therapy sessions and $3,350 to learn these steps. We’ve consolidated this and made it simple, practical, and easy to apply.  The regular price of this program is $297. But during this SPECIAL PRE-SALE, you get a step-by-step guide to calm for the price of one trip to the therapist: only $197 + you get “Enjoy Your Strong-Willed Child” FREE.