“Kirk, my son has come home dejected with red X’s and stomach aches nearly every day this year. He says he’s stupid and it doesn’t help that his teacher and his Dad say he’s lazy and just needs to apply himself. I know he IS trying. So when our school PTA sent your flyer home in our son’s backpack about your FREE WORKSHOP, I knew it was my chance.

“I asked my husband and son’s teacher to attend. IT WAS THE BEST TWO HOURS I’VE EVER SPENT!! There’s something about hearing your real life examples in person that made an impact on them–it wasn’t some crazy Mom just making excuses for her child. It’s like they finally understood my son. Priceless.

“And I hadn’t considered how difficult it must be to teach 15 or 20 kids who all have quirks and behavior challenges. So the teacher appreciated your empathy and help.

“I met with the teacher and TOGETHER we developed a plan based on ADHD University that’s making her life easier in the classroom AND helping my son succeed. Everyday, she gives my son a job to do in the morning, and allows him to play with a sensory strip underneath his desk, redeem three talk tickets when he wants to talk off topic instead of blurting out, and even sit underneath his desk to take his tests. Plus she’s using the water bottle to redirect and placing check marks (instead of x’s) on his sheet every time he makes a good choice. For the first time this year, my son feels good about himself!”
~ Cathy N., Arlington, VA

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